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Different Types of Medical Billing and Coding Errors

Mistakes in medical billing can make a lot of differences when it comes to payments that are made and those that aren’t. Such mistakes occur in the process of data entry or typing errors. Humans are to errors and we often make mistakes in various aspects of life but when it comes to medical billing and coding errors, this can result in rendering a healthcare facility bankrupt. To ensure that such mistakes are kept to the minimum, medical billers should work their best. When there is effective communication, these mistakes can be avoided to a larger extent. Medical billers often make a lot of mistakes and it will be of great help to know the various common errors to avoid them.

Coding has rules and whenever the rules aren’t followed correctly, it results in errors. A simple mistake of missing the right key will mean a different procedure is entered as a code in the system. Such errors are also common in the department that handles documentation before they are taken to the medical billing department. In every healthcare facility, staff should receive adequate coding training to avoid such errors. Being alert when it comes to accurate coding is very important in reducing coding mistakes.

Most people often don’t handle well overpayment issues. On various occasions, claims may fail to process rightfully due t overpayments or underpayments. Underpayments and overpayments often result in lots of errors and they require faster correction to prevent more mistakes. Various processing should be done correctly and payers should be notified faster when they haven’t followed the right payment procedures.

When diagnosis codes aren’t correctly done, they can result in claim denials or payment delays. Miscommunications due to failures in physicians diagnosis information cause a lot of problems. Knowing more about this helps in getting the right codes at all times.

In cases of omissions of information, it results in various problems when it comes to claims and can result in denials. Should there be omissions in terms of addresses, names, birth dates, sex, insurance details, etc. various issues result in the long run. This is a common mistake, as incorrect inputting of patient’s data can cause delays. There can be more delays whenever one patient’s information is mishandled. The staff in charge of billing should always pay closer attention when it comes to entering the information of a patient and they should be keen on mismatching to avoid further problems.

Invalid codes, upcoding, and healthcare tech errors are also very common and the staff should be aware of this. These problems are very common and unless the medical billing team are aware of them and various medical treatments, they can render a healthcare facility in financial crisis.

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