Missing Old Apple Mail App Interface? Learn How you Can Roll Back to the Old Settings

Apple has added some interesting features to its latest Apple Mail App for iOS 10, including a refurbished new message application, new interface for News app, streamlined email threads, messaging through the FaceTime, to name a few. But some of the users have shown their anguish for a new tweak that Apple has added to the mail app – now emails are displayed in the email thread, which is somehow challenging to remove from the conversation.

Most of the users have taken to the social media platform and community pages to show their disagreement with the new tweak. If you are pulling you hair after seeing your email messages in the conversation thread and you wonder whether the messages can be removed, don’t get worried as the solution is in place to help you roll back the mail app to the old conversation.

Apple Email Support

It’s easy and convenient to get the old interface onto your new Apple Mail App. You need to make a change in the Mail app settings:

  • Go to the settings in Mail App and open up Mail option
  • Scroll down the settings, and find an option “Organize by Thread”
  • Turn off the option so as not to get your email messages in the conversation thread

On the other hand, if you want to keep the threaded messages but you don’t prefer tweaking the order in which your email messages are displayed, you should turn on the option “Most Recent Message on Top” in the email settings.

Alternative method:

Apart from these options pointed out in the above list, you can also avail of the alternate option. There are some independent service providers who offer their real-time tech support for Apple email to help the users tweak the settings in accordance with their requirements. And if you need to tweak a specific setting in the Apple Mail app, contacting an independent technician can help you find the solutions immediately without wasting your valuable hours.

What’s new in the latest Apple Mail App?

Regardless of the new email interface, there some other features and tools in the Apple Mail app to ensure a new kind of emailing experience for the users. Nothing major changes have been introduced, but the way it has been advanced is guaranteed to offer a seamless emailing experience with new tools. Here are some technological attractions of Apple Mail App in iOS 10:

  • Inbox filter feature

Apple has added a new tool called Inbox Filter to the mail app, allowing the users sort out their messages in terms of Unread, Flagged, attachments, and others. You can enhance the accessibility of your email messages more effectively. Here, you need to tweak the settings so as to get the inbox filter in your Apple Mail. Dial helpline number for Apple products and get a real time solution.

  • Control the email threads

As a new tweak in the mail app brings all the email messages to your conversation thread, you have an option to take control over all the email threads and manage your messages in accordance with your priority.

  • Share your location

Now Apple Mail App allows you to share your current location with your contacts. Now let them know where you are.

  • Communication through FaceTime and third-party tool like Skype or WeChat

By enlarging the scope of communication, Apple allows the users now to get connected to the people through more communication channels such as FaceTime, including some popular third-party apps like WeChat and Skype.

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