Support for removing fake iPhone popup virus or Ad-ware messages on Safari

These days, a large number of Apple users active on forums and communities are complaining of pop-up viruses on the iPhone 6 Safari. The popup virus message with the phone web browser is supposed to scare and cheat Apple users of their money. The prime purpose of these pop-up ads is to steal your individual information and data. Once your important person information is stolen, your devices will be open for unauthorized access and you will have to knock the door of Apple support center before it is too late.

When it comes to removing these fake iPhone popup virus or Ad-ware messages on Safari web browser, you need to understand first that what messages can hit your screen. Following are some fake iPad/iPhone virus pop-up messages for which you need to take an Apple phone virus removal service from Apple-certified professionals.


“ Warning! Virus alert detected on your iPhone. Press ‘OK’ to scan.”

“Attention: iPhone User Your battery could be draining fast due to an error. Click “OK” to download the battery Doctor from the App Store to fix it.”

“You don’t have enough battery to run Safari Mode.”

“Congratulations! You have been awarded (1) Free app game for your Apple iPhone This Update is required in order to continue.”

When it comes to initiate the process of adware/virus removal, the very first thing you need to do is to go to the Safari Settings:

  • Clear the Safari History as this step will help you remove the webpage history, password, and other data that you have visit recently.
  • Clear the Cookie.
  • Clear the Cache as this move will help Safari users delete javascript and other caches.

If these steps are followed correctly, the Website Data in Safari should be found Empty. It means you are going to open Safari without any popup or error messages. Interestingly, if you dial an Apple virus removal phone support number, you will get best support services. It is usual that the tech representative will ask you to share money or personal information, like credit card. If the representative keeps on asking for 100% credit card information 100%, it can be a phishing scam.

If the problem is still unsolved, then check out all Apps you have recently installed. In maximum cases, the malware within the apps are not from an established App developer. Whenever, these apps are removed or uninstalled, it is likely malware and virus problems would be fixed. If not, Apple iPhone virus removal support service is there to shoo all pop-ups on Safari away from you in the most convenient manner.

Turning on anti-phishing settings in Safari and fraudulent website warning & block pop-ups can keep your Apple devices free from the tension of popup on the web browser most of the time.

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